Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mail Out Mail In

First First First.....let me just say I am blown away with all your comments. Please Please Please keep saying those nice things. It sparks me to create

And now, Mail Out.

First batch of Party Favors flew right out of here yesterday. Pretty cool. I used window envelopes but didn't use the window for the address. Well, dh purchased a box of 500. We don't use window envelopes; he thought he was getting plain. I guess he didn't read the pictures on the box. I didn't say that.

And here. More cookies going to Miss Ashley, the collage student.
Her little brother baked them for her.
From scratch.
He is quite the cook.

The butterfly and flowers were cut from wallpaper.
You know I used a pringle can.
Have you tried that yet?

I'm just so excited. I was invited to join a little Mail Art group. Right down my alley. As you know I love sending mail art.
Well I Love getting it too. And this is my first to receive. It is from Tina. It is just so cool. You know one of the neat things about sharing little things like this is that you are not only inspired but you also learn from having it in your hands.
My little package had some tags and an ATC in it. It was this little ATC that inspired me to make the Party Favors ATCs.
So this is what I've been doing. I have a few more to do. What have you been doing?
More later,


  1. Yum, Mail Art! What could be more fun?

    I've been busy running around the countryside and need to get back to creating.

    Send cookies! LOL!


  2. Oh yes! The Pringles can. Have to put it on my to-do list. Guess I also have to buy some Pringles,too.
    My DH likes the Lay's but he will settle, so I can have the cans.What a guy!
    Love your mail lucky girl.

  3. A girl can never get enough mail . Or art... sounds like a great group.

    I was saving some Pringles cans for my DH to do some very odd sounding backyard science porjects. Maybe I'll snaffle them instead. or we could jsut buy more Pringles.
    I've put up some pics on my blog of the little journal I started to make as a Playalong....

  4. Dear Sharon
    Please send cookies.
    My life depends on it.
    The end.

    heh heh

    Love the can and the mailart is always so fabulous! Yours AND theirs!

  5. Wohoo congrat to you!
    Who eats all those pringles by the way - the mail art tins looks so awesome!

  6. Love the Pringle tins and your envelopes are divine

  7. beautiful mail art...that reminds me i owe some...must get busy...these have inspired me...and cookies in a pringle's can...just about the best idea ever...blessings, rebecca

  8. Oh luscious incoming and outgoing mail art!! And those cookies really must taste very special after journeying in such regalia :-)

  9. Sharon: if Pringles came in cans like that I would really be a large Marge collecting them! Wallpaper? Brilliant! I've got lots of that and the twins will happily empty the cans for me.

  10. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I received one of those gorgeous window envies filled with goodies and feel very lucky, indeed!!!! You are truly the sweetest generous hearts. What beautiful colors.
    xo Rellap


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