Friday, September 21, 2007

Swapped ART

Check this out........
Art on Mail Art with Art inside.

Oh yes yes yes, I am the lucky one.

I'm thinking I will frame this mail art envelope. Wouldn't you?

My blogging friend, Zorana is the artist.
art by Zorana
We did an ART swap and this is the piece that she painted especially for me. It is just so beautiful and soulful. As a matter of fact, the title of the piece is "Window(s) to My Soul". It's mine. Thank you so much Zorana, you know I love it.

My beautiful mail art brought several gifties. I just want to show you this magnificent skeleton leaf that Zorana tucked in the card.

Do thing like this excite you as much as me?

Saturday plans:
My friend Susan and I are going to Antique Alley. Hey, look for us. It will be so much fun.
More later,


  1. What lovely artwork by Zorana. That leaf inside the card is so special. I clicked on Antiqu Alley !! What a great place to go to. 25 miles of Antiques,art and craft and more. How lucky you are to have somewhere like that to go to. Have fun.

  2. oh this is such a beaufiful envelop. just a piece of art. you should frame it indeed. very lovely art work and special present from your friend!!

  3. Oh dear... to frame the envelope... My envelope fails in comparison to the artful box you sent me! Just so you know, I use your box for my special papers and look at it daily. I'm glad you like the painting! xo Enjoy the weekend!

  4. That is indeed a beautiful swap and when the envelope is that beautiful, you KNOW there is something REALLY special inside! All of the little touches ( that music paper!?!! I would have gently opened it and saved it for future projects,lol!


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