Monday, September 03, 2007

ART Party Continued

Today's Inspiration

I'm still here. How about you? The party is sill going for a little while so if your late and would like to catch up, just go to Saturday Morning post. Scroll down. (there is a lot of catching up to do)

I was up early this morning and inspired by the artist to artist feature with Virginia Rose Kane. It can be found in the September October issue of Cloth Paper Scissors.

The face in the fern that Virginia did is what spoke to me. I just downright copied it pretty much. However, I did use an image of my daughter. And I did improvise the technique, I think.

So here is the specimen that I plan to sketch today on the right side of the spread. They are fresh cut this morning. It is a Rose of Sharon and happens to be a favorite. I wonder why.

This was a fun thing to do and I'm sure I will do it again. So if you have been a party guest, don't forget to let me know. Otherwise, I won't know how many party favors to make.
More later,


  1. Beautiful spread!!! I just love that "face in the flower" idea! No wonder it inspired you. Keep the fun coming. We're still here :-)

  2. You are having way too much fun girl! I am loving all your "inspirational" work this weekend.

  3. I'm arriving late ~ so I'll play catch up. Your interpretations and versions of work by the artists who inspire you are mah-vel-ous!!! Oh, and I love your rose of Sharon image. It would make a great silhouette shape all by itself. Pass the paints, I'm ready to get messy! ~Sharon

  4. My CPS is not here yet and I'm aching to try some of the things that inspired you...


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