Sunday, September 02, 2007



Are you still there? I'm up at the crack of dawn, as they say, having my coffee. I'm excited with inspiration. Today I will focus on the cover for my Sketchbook project that I started yesterday. Scroll down for the beginning.

I Just thought I'd show this stage. Then we can see together how it ends up.

I'll be back later with progress and all the places of inspiration.

More later,



  1. I'm just about to go to bed, Sunday night here in Oz, 11.15pm.
    This is going to be one super book Sharon, look forward to the next installments.

  2. It is 6:20 am and here I am. Can you tell I'm excited about your project and eager to see all the steps to its completion?

    When you get inspired you really get going don't you?


  3. I'm still here, as you can see, witnessing your progress with this wonderful project! See you later for more :-)

  4. That face peeked in previous photos. I wondered where she will live. She is amazing. What is in the cup??? Not your night tea I assume..

  5. Wow! What a weekend you are having! I am loving the book. Love the floral pages.You and Norah keep me inspired. And thanks for introducing me to Judy's site. I was blown away by her books.

  6. You and Norah have inspired me to get a move on and start a book too. Rather than just admiring it in CPS and on your blog, I've glued pages together, glued bits over them, gessoed a few, glued some more and then ran out of glue.... Still, I've made a cracking start and plan to keep at it. Thanks for the inspiration,. Can't wait to see how this turns out.


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