Monday, September 03, 2007

Party On

We're still here. Did you just get here? That's OK. Catch up by going to Saturday morning. That's when this Holiday ART party started.

I'll make this quick. Here is my sketch from this morning's fresh specimen. It's been a long time since I've done that. It was a good exercise. However, I did the sketch from one chair and then moved to the painting spot and had different lighting and a little different view point. Lesson learned.

We are winding down here. Just about to take a break and go to Michaels to spend the 50% off coupon only good today. I've been waiting for this one. So I will truck up there. I'm also feeling a little guilty about partying all weekend......not really.

Please do come back one more time today. When I get back I have one last post before the party is over.
More later,

PS..............I know all of you know this but click on each picture to get a larger view in a new window.


  1. You've surely been this weekend's star!!! It's been a great party.

  2. Wow, the Lady of the Leaves. Somehow it looks like the beginning of Fall.

    See ya later!


  3. It's killing me! I just subscribed to CPS and don't have the new issue yet.
    Great party!

  4. This is soooo good! I'm enjoying your creative party. I gasp every time I visit your blog...

  5. oooooh, this page/s turned out so beautifully!! I love all of the different elements of it and all the techniques that you have combined. I absolutely love to watch your process, Sharon!!! smiles...

  6. Your work on every page is just beautiful and I just love.. the cover.

  7. This collage turned out so fabulous! you must be really please with yourself! i'm kicking myself that I missed the party!!! there is so much to read since last time I was here , I'll come back later tonight!!

  8. i'm back again and the more i visit you the more i like it. beautiful art!!

  9. Wouawww wonderfull.....!!


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