Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Inspiration Journal


I'm not sure if I have ever shared my Inspiration Journal. Mostly, I write things that come to mind or things that inspire me while visiting blogs. Like the notation this morning while reading Stephanie Lee's blog.
Sometimes, I sketch in it. Sometimes, I glue stuff in it. Sometimes I find little scraps of my stuff and I glue or staple it down. I keep addresses in it. And sometimes, I write down a memory that pops forward and sometimes, like today, I write dreams in it.
More later,


  1. Lovely journal pages, and thoughts about filling them. Just found your blog via a comment at Eb's, and had to come by - it seemed to be such a synchronicity - my granddaughter's birthday is on the date of the ball - the 26th - as well. What a small wonderful world this web can be - filled with fun synchronicities. Wishing your granddaughter a lovely birthday.

  2. i need so badly to start doing this...i'll be regretting it i know...the way you put it seems doable...i still have not done any "visual" journaling...but, this i can do...a bit of this, a thought, stapling something to a page...and all done so beautifully. thx for the inspiration!

  3. Gosh this looks so pretty !

    I resisted the URGE to enlarge the picture and read all of your thoughts !!!

    Thanks for the link to Stephanie - Taking some of her classes in April at Asilomar for Art&Soul !

    Love, S your journalling sistah !
    THANKS for the Inspiration!

  4. I have a journal. Somewhere buried under the stamps papers and pens that litter my desk. I must clear out and find it. Lots of thoughts going un written these days.

  5. Gorgeous!
    I really have to start one of these - too many ideas that I don't have time to do but if I wrote them down I could come back to them when I do have a spare moment or am in a funk to create!
    THANKS for the inspiration and I'm gonna get out one of my many empty journals and start immediately!
    Have a great day.
    Sandy :)

  6. I love looking at journals of any shape, size or purpose. I've been straining my eyes to read what you've written on the pages :-)

  7. this is a really nice little journal. HOw large is it? And I love Stephanie Lee....I got some amazing earrings from her and misplaced them when I was back in Connecticut...crossing my fingers that I find them.
    You are a wonderful grandmother!!!

    xox Rella
    who is not typing the secret code for the second time
    zpqvgmfq !!!!!!!!!!!


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