Thursday, September 27, 2007


Over my shoulder.....

Because of the many layers that I planned,

I thought I would snap a few photos along the way. if you were looking over my shoulder.

In this first picture, I have already transferred my sketch.

Using carbon and only going over the main lines of the sketch.

Then, I used Payne's gray to outline and add some darks to it before adding the napkin.

Cropped close up of the first photo.

I tried to sand at this step but did not get the effect I wanted.
I painted a layer of Zinc White over the whole canvas.
????? I just do that.
I ripped a page out of one of my new books to transfer text.
I considered the text layer under the napkin and will do that next time.
This paper did not transfer real well but this is the effect I wanted.
Here I have sanded the canvas again.
Here I started layering Payne's gray which is one of my favorite Golden liquid acrylic paints.
It is a translucent glaze the I keep building and building.
Here, I have added more to the composition and started painting the face.
Right side view.....
Left side view.....
SECRETS ... a 6 X 8 gallery wrapped canvas.
I hope you enjoyed watching.
More later,


  1. Wow Sharon! I love, love, love her!!!! She's so very wonderful and serene!

  2. Your show and tell is always so interesting. Very generous of you to do this too.

    Thanks for another great post.


  3. wow...thank you for the tutorial...i loved the process and the ideas...i am still struggling painting faces...i can draw them...just not happy with the painting yet...this is wonderful...payne's gray is my fav too...i am going to forward a link to your post to Golden...they love to see what artists do with their products...have a good weekend...blessings, rebecca

  4. I enjoyed watching very much indeed! Show us more please. Your canvas is smashing!

  5. Thanks again, Sharon. Great stuff! I need to recupe from my trip and get creative.

  6. OMG This is Gorgeous !

    And I LOVE all of this info and the way you laid it out ! THANK YOU !

    I am going to try this Norah ! I am completely enchanted by this process and dying to try it.

    Thank YOU for the InspirationZ.

    wowww. I gotta go back and look MORE.

  7. WOW! I'm blown away with your creativity! It inspires me to WANT to create MORE!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Sandy :)

  8. Sharon that was a wonderful post. The finished canvas is spectacular.

  9. when you saw sand what does that entail? have you coated the canvas first? and do you hand sand or with a sander?

  10. Sharon, I LOVE it when you show your fascinating and GORGEOUS! I love the piece! smiles...

  11. It's so fun coming to 'class'...I just smile through your whole show and tell. It's just a wonderful few mintues like sitting in your place and listening to you and having a cup of coffee and thinking..."hmmm, I probably cannot do that, but it sure it is wonderful being in class with such a lovely teacher"

    Great piece, my dear friend

    xox Rella

  12. Thanks for the process Sharon,it's great to see how other people work. I love the end result.
    Your napkin collection is growing, they'll be on their way soon.

  13. Wow the amount of depth you have created, it's gorgeous! How can you decide when something is finished? I would probably have left the canvas at the stage when text was transferred and thought it was finished. Amazing!

  14. This is beautiful; really felt as though readers were there during the process! How do you transfer an image with carbon? I would love to try it.

  15. Very interesting work..I like it!
    I work with acrylic but I do also various experiments:ad the sand and powders and other materials..

  16. Thanks for sharing your work process, Sharon! I love the pictures and your thoughts. I'll have to try to find the Payne's Gray paint. It sounds like fun to work with.


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