Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bloglandia Ball

Have your heard?
Everyone is going.
It's the Bloglandia Ball.
Celebrating the the full moon known as the Chrysanthemum Moon or the Harvest Moon.
E B is the host of the cyber event. Everyone is caught up in the net of the world wide making paper dresses
to celebrate the moons.

I mailed my RSVP card last week before a dress could be made.
And I've run out of time to make a dress.
What shall I do?

I must go.
But what to wear?
Think. Think.
I've got it.
The perfect Ball gown
Of course, The Wingkeeper's gown.
Everyone will know it's the Wingkeeper.
swirling and twirling.........
Now, I must go and get dressed.
It's all about
"Simultaneous Multiplicity".

Do go to the party and do check all the links. I've already peeped and the fantasy is delightful.
The Wingkeeper


Permission granted for "copy/paste/print" for "the Book"


  1. hey miss wingkeeper - you are so cool - ready to dance?

    let's fly my dear...

    xox - eb.

  2. Well, aren't you Miss Creative!!! I see you can really dance, too! Party on!

  3. your gown is beautiful...very chic...a winged it...glad you a dance for me...blessings, rebecca

  4. Good morning! What fun it was to meet you last night, you and all our other dancing sisters. Have a fabulous day and be sure to wear that pretty dress more than once.

  5. Very lovely post! ...and oh that dress it is based upon!!

  6. the gown is real chic..
    hope to see you there..

  7. You look stunning in your gown! Lets all take our shoes off and DANCE the night away!


  8. The Fairy Violette is looking forward to meeting The Wingkeeper at the Bloglandia Ball.

  9. Sharon oh are divine in your Wingkeeper gown. Perfect for leaping and twirling and dancing the night away. I do think the moonlight has caught the butterfly as it is shimmering! Please let's have a dance!

  10. hi sharon, lovely to see you here at the big event, looking georgous in your wingkeeper gown!

  11. Love what you did with this!
    So very Imaginative!
    Sandra Evertson

  12. I ran out of time too, but your dress is lovely! This is so much fun, what a nice event!

  13. the mail art, beautiful, the gown, divine... let's dance!

  14. simply stunning my's so nice to see you looking so grand! another glass of wine?

  15. Oh your gown is MARVELOUS!!!!

  16. It's the perfect gown! This is my first trip to your blog, and I'm loving it over here-so nice to meet you!

  17. Oh what a lovely dress! I wish I had more time to dance and play. But I'll be back on another day

  18. Lovely, stunning, charming, I can see you are ready to join in the dance.

    Carol M

  19. the gown is beautiful...and the RSVP cards are AMAZING!

  20. Oh, Norah, I saw that wonderful RSVP on e.b.'s blog, and thought it was so clever. Wished I'd thought of it myself actually. Love your wingkeeper dress.

  21. You are so Creative, Glad You could come to the ball :)


  22. Oh what a great dress to dance in under the full moon. You will sparkle!
    Love Erin~

  23. Fabulous gown, enjoy the ball

  24. glad you all had such a nice time at the ball

  25. Beautiful, beautiful creations as usual. I recognize that blue paper on the envelopes! Glad to see it made it into your ART!
    have a lovely weekend.
    Sandy :)

  26. Oh This is such a KOOL IDEA and no one else did anything like it. Very Original and I love it !

    Did YOu think I was never gonna get here ?

    Darling I SAW you thru the throng of people ! Five deep to get to YOU. I am sorry ! I have been working my way down that list of links on EB's blog and only just now got to YOU ....well it was worth the wait ! Because I also got to see your step by step on that painted canvas masterpiece ! Thank you VERY MUCH !

    I am at work right now but itching to try that SOOOn.

    DArling , You Shine Under The Moon As Beautifully as Ever !

    Thank YOU for the Dance (dances!)

    Happy Autumn ! Happy Full Moon (what is left of it anyway....)



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