Sunday, September 02, 2007

More ART Party

Welcome back to my Sketch book project. I can't tell you how much fun I'm having. I'm here and you're there and we are having an ART party weekend. Now, if you have just arrived, you might enjoy going to the first post yesterday to get all caught up.
These are little close up details of my progress on the cover. Zorana noticed that "she" has been peeking at you since the beginning. Part of my party fun. Also the mystery in my coffee cup earlier today. I really do have a lot to tell you about her and all the rest but now I'm taking a lunch break. And the electricity has been off for over an hour.

For me, this ART party weekend is all about inspiration. I really do have more to share. Unfortunately, while you continue with your ART party projects, I am going to have to go out on that blankety-blank think tank and get that chore done. The good part, as I go round and round, I will be planning more party fun. I promise......
More later,


  1. Just ready to take a lunch break here and peeking in again.

    Those flowers, that nest. It is all just too gorgeous.

    'Til the next peek then...


  2. where have i been? look and sounds all delightful. the real answer to that the "gronkies"...glad i stepped out to peek at my ispiring really helps. looks just like fun!

  3. gorgeous details!!!
    shew--i am sooo wishing that you lived next door and i could stop by and watch you work and have a cup of tea with you!

  4. How precious is that little "nest" with the eggs in it?!!" I love the dimensional aspect of this journal.


  5. Oh NorahS, I love the birds nest and pearl eggs in this!!


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