Sunday, September 02, 2007

Welcome Back

Where does it come from? Plain and simple: everywhere!

Welcome back to the Holiday Weekend ART Party. We are having a great time. It started Saturday morning and if your late, it's OK. You can catch up. Just scroll down.

I have a friend, Susan and I have a friend Suzie. Now my friend, Susan gives me things like heart shaped oak leaves, dead dragonflies, rusted washers and some other really inspirational things. My friend Suzie gives me things like broken strings of pearls, old ecru vintage lace and trims. That's the box in the top photo from which I drew inspiration. I think she also gave me the faded green satin.

I suppose first I should tell you about the painting and where the inspiration came from. The July-August issue of Cloth Paper Scissors had an article by Misty Mawn. It was the Workshop feature and the article was "using a Single Image to Explore Different Media". Following the article was the take 3! Triptych Challenge. You know I did that. The Challenge. So.

This is one of my first pieces while practicing for the challenge. The image I used was of my Mother. By the way, I did not use my Mother's image for the Challenge entry. You remember my deal. If I get a magazine, I fully expect to be inspired and will follow through with the inspiration.

I have never made a fabric journal. But I have been so inspired and I think with this cover, I'm getting closer. I can also tell you I enjoyed making this so much that I know I will be doing more.
Last night I went back to Judy Wilkenfeld's Red Velvet Creations and studied the layers that she makes with her photos. I am so inspired by her ART. But mine did not end up looking like hers.
I am also inspired by dj pettitt. She makes wonderful fabric journals. But my cover doesn't look like hers either.

Kristin Steiner taught a fabric journal workshop at ArtNest this past June. Of course I did not get to go but Misty Mawn did. She was also teaching but took Kristin's class. Her "I am a women who..." fabric journal stuck in my head and also inspired my cover.

There you have it. A few of my inspiration places. I can't be objective, but I don't think my cover looks like anyone but me. A real mixture of inspiration for sure.

I hate to have to tell you this but we will need to take another break. A shower brought me in off of the think tank. Now I'm going to go back out and try to finish. It is suppose to rain for sure tomorrow. You know what that means. Holiday Weekend ART Party continued......
More later,


  1. Great stuff as usual, Sharon!I love the book. It's funny I read Misty's article this morning at breakfast....and I did do a painting.

  2. Your book is absolutely gorgeous, Sharon!!! I am loving how you share where your inspiration comes from, but I agree, your style is very much YOU! I love it! Thanks for all the fun blog links to explore! smiles...

  3. How fitting a title for this post and well for your BLOG ~ you are a true INSPIRATION!
    Lovely journal and you've inspired me to alter my first book - it's coming along slowly! Will go back to some of your older posts to for those awesome tutorials you gave all of us.
    Have a wonderful Labor Day!
    Sandy :)

  4. I'm here at the PARTY with my morning cuppa and a muffin. Nothing like INSPIRATION first thing in the morning.

    This is soooo much fun. You are truly the inspiration I need at the moment.


  5. sharon, your finished book is so incredible and so very much YOU! you took all of those inspirations and made something totally "sharon!" fabulous.
    one question---i am trying to picture how to attach the pages to the cover---i have never tackled a project like this and would love to know---is it something you can share?

  6. I am reading backwards and had to stop and comment. That journal is fantastic and I LOVE the birds nest on the side! Where are my inspirations that come from the many magazines I buy? Good thing I made popcorn earlier, back to reading!

  7. Love the cover, it's fabulous and very much your own. My copy of CPS has just arrived so I'm about to get inspired again

  8. OMG - You think I inspired you - say what - I dont think so - lookat how stunning that book is - its so awesome - i love it. Thanks for the compliment though - really appreciate it.

  9. Gosh Sharon your faces always amazing me, so detailed and fantastic!!! I love the fabric cover and the lace, DEEEEvine :))

  10. HI Sharon..I found your blog by way of my friend Zorana! What a treasure to discover! Your work is delicious and sounds like you had such a fabulous time at your art party! I'd love to add you to my links!

  11. these parties are so great. i've missed a lot. enjoying it all very much.
    again beautiful art work sharon!!


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